Man, do I love this Lady

I really, really do. Nicole has totally changed my life and I'm excited to (hopefully!) get the chance to spend the rest of mine with her. If you're reading this page then (most likely) you're someone who also deeply loves and cares about Nicole so let me take this opportunity to just say that I'm so thankful for everyone who has influenced and loved Nicole during her life--she is the sweetest most wonderful woman that I've ever met and I'm so thankful to both God and all of her friends and family for shaping her life.

I wanted to make proposing to Nicole something special that she would never forget, and that's where this surprise party comes in. Nicole LOVES surprises and she LOVES parties so why not give her both! For all of the family and friends who will be coming in town for this, I just have to say a huge 'Thank You!' because it will mean so much to both me and Nicole to have you in town for a really big event like this. Proposing to Nicole is not something that I'm taking lightly at all--marriage is a really big deal to both of us--and having YOU at this event will be such a joy.

If you're planning on being at the party please RSVP, I want to have a head count ASAP so that I can order desserts for the party! Just click the button below or email me at and send me a short email with whether you're coming or not.