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Values of Our Gatherings

An open and diverse table

Whenever people who are different than each other sit down with each other and deeply consider the experiences of the other person, a community grows more deeply. Not seeking to "fill a void" in a certain category, we hope to foster opportunities for people to interact and connect with those with different perspectives and to create a sense of togetherness.

People who are minorities of gender, sexuality, race, perspectives, etc., have often felt unheard, misunderstood, or even shunned by the church. We find this to be unthinkable and unacceptable. Our community will be a place that is accepting and open to every kind of person without any pretense or expectation they must change who they are.

Brave and fruitful dialogue

Church people do not have a good track record of speaking in ways that are always helpful and without an agenda. Many times issues aren't dealt with because people don't have the courage to be kind but direct, instead opting to politely sidestep any kind of unpleasantries. We want to be a place that is raw and real. No topic should be off the table to be talked about in a considerate and fully open way.

Celebrating mystery in the journey toward truth

We cannot assume to fully know how God is going to act in any given moment. There is a mysterious nature to belief and participation with God that we have no desire to resolve. Instead, we embrace the unknownness and mystery of God and open ourselves in each moment to the work that can be done in & through each of us.

Joining Christ in resurrected life, restorative justice, & redemptive love

Many times church sets itself up as the palace where people can come to and receive the correct answers. Our conviction is that each of us have experiences that have driven us to our perspectives and they are malleable and have and shifted over time. We see this has faith in action, not a fall from faith. We aim to share personal experiences and convictions with love and grace so that everyone would discover something bigger and more beautiful than themselves.

Encountering God in the sacred and the mundane

As followers of Jesus it is not enough for us to myopically work in the lives of the people who surround us, it is as important that we look at the systems that surround and impact us all. To the systems that ignore justice for all people, we must speak prophetically against them and actively participate with anyone who is seeking to bring justice and shalom into our world.